Ground Control



Ground Control and Canteen duties, including running the barbecue, are allocated by the Committee and advised by email to the coach and manager. It is also published on the website. It is then the responsibility of the team or parents of the team (girlfriends, boyfriends, grandparents etc are welcome also) to work together with the manager of the team in allocating when you are available to give your time to the duties listed below for Ground Control and Canteen.

Change​ over time varies on Saturday and Sunday. Check the website home page for updated times.

Ground Control Duties

The Head Ground Controller (Committee) arrives at 6:50am to organise volunteers to start preparing the field. At least six persons are required for setting​ up the field each week, and they should arrive at 7:00am to do this work to make the fields ready for an 8:00 kick​ off.

N.B. The Club is fined if matches don’t run to time, hence the early start.

The BBQ is to be set up and cooking by 7.40am. Usually one person can start cooking, although two may be required for busy periods during the day i.e between games and between 12 midday and 1:30pm.

Saturday mid morning​ game parents/players are expected to support morning​ game personnel to help in this setting​ up process. Afternoon​ game parents/players then pack up in the evening.

Afternoon teams relieve morning teams team of ground​ control and canteen duties at around 1:00pm on Saturday and 12pm on Sunday. In the event of an early finish to games this time may be pushed forward after both managers come to a suitable agreement.

N.B. Every team must be prepared to complete their share of ground​ control/canteen duties

Specific Ground Control Duties Required

Check which age division matches will be played during the day and set the fields in accordance with field sizes.
Erect corner flags and halfway line flags (one metre out from sideline).
Erect goal nets (ensure that balls cannot pass between the net and the post or under the net.

Open the public toilets and lock them at the end of the day (keys in the canteen).
Provide two people for canteen duty from 7.30am
Provide two people for BBQ duty from 7.30am
Provide two persons on Ground Patrol wearing flame orange vests. (N.B. This is an Association ruling). Their main duties are to act on a referee’s request to check unruly behaviour and to ensure games run to time. Organise a Club-appointed referee should a “black and white” not be available. This can be anyone at the Ground, but preferably a Loftus-Yarrawarrah representative. SSF referees are usually allocated by the Club. Ensure that referees and teams are ready to commence each game on time.

Monitor & ensure referees’ safety.
Referees are to be in centre of their field & blow the whistle (three minutes prior to game start) to alert coaches & managers for on time start.
Ensure match cards are filled in correctly and are signed by the coach and manager of both teams.

Ensure supporters behave in a sportsman-like manner. Any situation of threatening/abusive behaviour not able to be resolved should be reported to Sutherland Police (phone: 9542 0899).
Remove any person coaching a team from behind the goal posts.
There is an Association requirement that whenever our teams play North Caringbah the Loftus team must wear a contrasting shirt. Contact the Gear Steward, who will allocate the correct shirts for the day. These shirts must be returned to the Gear Steward prior to the next weekend and must be washed.

Upon Completion of the Day’s Play

Parents/players are to remove all field equipment and store it in the ground control shed, ensuring it is secured
Ensure match-cards are filled in correctly and are signed by the coach and manager of all teams. [N.B. The Club is regularly fined for infringing this, and the following, Association ruling.]

Ensure the gear-shed, clubhouse, clubhouse toilets and surrounds are clean, tidy and locked
Someone is to remain with the Canteen Committee member on duty, assist with lock-up and help carry any left over items to their car.
Sunday ground control teams must take all match sheets and match day summary sheets to Bates Drive Football Complex and deposit them in the large blue mailbox at entrance gate at the end of the day.

Canteen Duties

The Club depends on Canteen takings for a significant part of its revenue and so its operation is an important part of the Club’s management. Please treat the role responsibly, honestly and respectfully when it is your turn to assume this function during the season. We have a paid person in the canteen on both Saturday and Sunday. Ground Control teams are to provide assitance during peak times.

Never leave the canteen empty during the day and always ensure that the canteen person is assisted when required. Responsible players aged 16 may assist an adult in the canteen.

N.B. Every team must be prepared to complete their share of canteen duties. If a manager knows there will be problems rostering enough personnel to complete canteen duties, they must contact the Head Ground Controller or the Canteen Supervisor as early as possible in the week for assistance.

Specific Canteen Duties Required

A canteen committee member will be on hand from 7.30am. Please assist them with setup.
Setup the BBQ and start cooking (bacon, eggs, sausages, onions & steak).
Set up the Coffee Machine (assisted by canteen committee member) and familiarize yourselves with its operation.
Fill and turn on water urn/jug (keep full and hot).
Refill drink fridge as necessary throughout the day.
Keep sufficient stock of pies and sausage rolls in the oven. N.B. Pies will burn if the oven is left on the ‘High” setting.
Rolls are stored in tub provided.
Cut bread rolls and pair slices of bread, wrap in serviettes ready for sale, this is ongoing throughout the day. Return remaining food to fridge and freezers. Bread is stored in plastic tub provided.
Note – Referees & linesmen are entitled to a free soft drink or coffee from the canteen.
At the end of the day leave the canteen floor and bench-tops clean, turn the oven and urn off and leave the fridges on. Canteen assistant will clean coffee machine.
During the day, Canteen Committee Members will monitor the cash in the cash register and reconcile the takings at the end of the day.
Detailed operation instructions are displayed in the canteen.

N.B. Please do not leave the Canteen Operator alone at the end of each days play due to security reasons.