Top Corner – August Edition

Vale Les Murray (Minutes Silence for Some)

Sadly this week we have learned of the passing of Les Murray. Les was a legend of our sport. For someone that has done so much for the code of football he was so passionate about, our association has asked that all teams from U21 and above hold a minutes silence before they commence their game. Please be prepared for this. It is certainly endorsed by your club.

Semi’s are upon us

Good luck to all the teams in semi finals contention with just one round of competition to go:
• 12A​- 2nd by 3 point​Sat 8.50 at Loftus Oval
• 18B​- 4th by 3 points​Sat 10.00 at Ridge 4
• 35F​- 2nd by 2 points​Sun 11.40 at Kareela 2​
• AL5 ​- 2nd & in the clear​Sun 2.40 at Loftus Ovalh
• W12A​- 2nd by goal difference​Sun 12.00 at Anzac 2
• W14C​- 3rd by 2 points​Sat 10.40 at Seymour Shaw 2
• W18B​- 4th by 2 points​Sun 8.00 at Loftus Oval
• W21A​- 4th & in the clear​Sun 8.00 at Buckle Reserve
• W30A​- 1st by 1 point​Sun 11.20 at Loftus Oval
• W30C​- M P’s & in the clear​Sun 10.00 at Grays Point​
• WSE​- 1st by 2 points​Sun 11.40 at Woronora Heights
I might add that the W12C’s have the slimmest of chances as they are in 5th position and 3 points out :​ 9.40 at Tonkin Oval 2
Congratulations to all those teams. Great effort for a small club. With only 19 teams in competition we stand to have more than 50% in the semis with one round to go. I really urge you to go and support these teams this weekend to help them achieve their goals. Boom Boom! Extra supporters really do make a difference in games like these. Good luck to all teams in this final round. I have published the team fixtures to make sure everyone gets the hint.

Presentation Days are fast approaching

Presentation days are great fun days for the club so make sure you put the dates in your diary.
• Junior Presentation is Sunday 10th September 9.30 – 2.30 at Loftus Oval.
• Senior Presentation is Saturday 16th September 6.30 – whenever at Gymea Tradies.
Please see the posts on our website for full details.

Hat Trick Corner

I heard that Eleanor Frame scored all three goals in her teams 3 – 1 win on the weekend. How good is that! Onya Eleanor.

Loftus Cricket Club

Don’t forget Loftus Cricket Club are trying to re-build teams back to their old glory days. If you want to know more:

Menai Hawks Create History

Menai hawks created history this weekend by being the first team ever to win the Robertson (State) Cup three year in a row. When you understand the Robertson Cup is for under 21’s you will understand how significant this is. The Menai team played under 21’s for three seasons and won the cup every season they played. The Cup was presented to football NSW many years ago by the Robertson family and is actually the biggest Cup I have ever seen. It is also one of the oldest State tournaments we have.
I promised my mate Nigel, who is the President of Menai Hawks, that I would publish this record breaking news in my news letter. I also said I would publish our own records in this regards. Rovers has won the cup on four occasions: 1966, 1967, 1975 & 2003. But wait there’s more! Rovers were the first ever Sutherland Shire team to win the Robertson Cup and Menai can never take that one off of us. Well done to Menai.

Some Humour

My dad suggested I register for a donor card. He’s a man after my own heart

I could tell my parents hated me, my bath toys were a toaster and a radio.

Boom boom!

John Lane
​ “Up the mighty Rovers”