Top Corner – 2017 Grand Final Edition

Grand Finals are upon us

We have five teams contesting the grand finals this weekend and it would be just great to get your support at the games. Thanks to all those who have come out so far in the finals series and given such a great atmosphere for our players to excel. I for one have enjoyed the football that has been produced in these most important games. Good luck to all these mighty Rovers teams. Rovers Club congratulates these teams and wishes them luck. Here’s how you get to support them this weekend:


12A – Cronulla Seagulls v Loftus, 10:30 AM @ Harrie Dening 1

W12A – Cronulla Seagulls 1 v Loftus, 12:00 PM @ Forest Road 


35F – Loftus v Gwawley Bay, 8:30 AM @ Lakewood City 1

W30C – Loftus v Marton 1, 10:30 AM @ Forest Road

WSE – Loftus v Kirrawee, 2:30 PM @ Forest Road

Grand Final celebrations

Everyone is invited back to Loftus Oval on Sunday evening to celebrate the end of season with our grand finalists as well as all the those teams that actually made the semis. We will all be arriving between 4.30 & 5.00. There will be a sausage sizzle going, a nice warm fire, some red hot music, some bubbly and some soft drink for the kids. Suggest anything you want outside these things you should just bring along, as in grog and nibblies.

How about the mighty 11C’s

The 11C’s won the U11 gala day run by the Sutherland Football Association. Football NSW no longer allow Under 11’s to play in competition. What they have allowed is that after the season is over there will be a gala day with awards. That’s when the 11C’s put on a magnificent display in winning this sudden death competition. Well done to the team and well done coach Greg Quinnell. How good is that!

Another Rover makes the Grand Final

Isabella Currey has just played her first season of representative football for the Sutherland Shire and her team has made it all the way to the Grand Final. Last week they beat the minor premiers and go straight though to the GF. How good is that! Onya Bella and lots of luck from Rovers Football Club.

Represent Rovers Football Club next season

The AGM is fast approaching and will be held in concert with our junior presentation day at Loftus Oval on Sunday September 10th. At the AGM all committee positions will be declared vacant and an election will be held for the office bearers for the 2018 season. Everyone is welcome to contest a position on this committee. The only thing I can guarantee is you will get a sense of a real purpose of serving our great community, you will get to have a lot of fun with fellow committee persons and of course you will get to do a bit of work. Should you wish to be a contender please notify the Secretary prior to the 10th September so that we can be prepared. If you wish to find out more information about the duties involved with particular positions, then please feel free to contact any of our friendly committee members. The positions to be declared vacant are:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Registrar
  • Canteen Supervisor
  • Publicity Officer
  • Gear Steward
  • Ground Controller
  • Technical Director / Head Coach
  • Social Secretary
  • MinRoos Coordinator
  • General Committee x 2

Preso Days are fast approaching

Don’t forget the presentation days are the real days to celebrate the end of the year with lots of fun. See the posts on the website for details.

Some Humour

A lorry-load of tortoises crashed into a train-load of terrapins, I thought ‘That’s a turtle disaster’.

So I rang up Telstra and I said, ‘I want to report a nuisance caller’, he said ‘Not you again’.

Boom boom!

John Lane